Enhancement in Google Search Experience with AI in 2023

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Generative AI search result

Highlights from Google i/o 2023

“AI-powered snapshot” is a feature in Google Search that provides a quick overview of a topic with relevant information and links to explore further.

Google AI Search results show multiple sources supporting and validating the information provided in the search results.

Google Search offers detailed product information, reviews, and pricing, helping users make informed purchasing decisions

Refers to the option in Google Search’s conversational mode to ask additional queries related to a previous search.

Ads will still appear at the top of search results but will not affect PPC ads much.

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled its new integrated search results page, promising users a more comprehensive and efficient search experience. This upgraded interface incorporates AI-powered features, including an informative snapshot, corroborated information, and conversational mode, aimed at simplifying complex searches and providing users with relevant and valuable insights.

Let’s look into the key highlights and potential implications of this enhanced search experience.

The AI-Powered Google Snapshot

The AI-Powered Snapshot:

AI-Powered Snapshot is a new feature in Google Search that provides a quick overview of a topic. It utilises generative AI capabilities to present key information and links to explore further and corroboration the information. 

The snapshot is designed to help users make sense of complex topics and offers insights, recommendations from experts, and firsthand experiences. Additionally, the feature extends to product searches, providing important considerations and relevant products with images, reviews, and pricing. It also introduces a conversational mode, allowing users to ask follow-up questions and seamlessly navigate search results. 

Corroborated Information


Presenting a wide range of information and insights, Beyond the snapshot, users have the option to expand their views and explore corroborated information. Google’s ranking and safety systems, honed over decades, ensure the information presented is reliable and trustworthy. By including links within the snapshot, users can dive into more details, leveraging recommendations from experts and gaining insights from firsthand experiences shared by creators. This integration of diverse perspectives enriches the search process, empowering users to make well-informed decisions.

Corroborated Information on AI search result
Enhanced Shopping Experience in new AI Search Result

Enhanced Shopping Experience

New search experience also elevates the shopping journey by leveraging Google’s shopping graph. With over 35 billion listings and 1.8 billion live updates every hour, users can shop confidently, knowing they’ll receive fresh and relevant results.

AI-powered snapshot showcases products that fit specific criteria, complete with images, reviews, descriptions, and current pricing. Whether you’re searching for an e-bike or any other product, this enhanced shopping experience streamlines the process, connecting users with useful information and facilitating the discovery of businesses.

People also ask

The “follow-up question” refers to the feature introduced in the new generative AI-powered Search experience by Google. When a user performs a search and receives the AI-powered snapshot with relevant information, they have the option to ask a follow-up question or select a suggested next step. This feature allows users to continue their search and deep dive into a topic without starting a new search from scratch.

By asking a follow-up question, users can refine their search and get more specific results or information that aligns with their preferences or needs. It enhances the search experience by allowing users to have more conversational interaction with search engine and receive more tailored and relevant results.

People also ask new feature in AI Search Result
Ad Sponsored featured

Ads will still occupy top spots.

Google aims to integrate ads within the search results with previous Google search results labelled as “Ad” for Google ads, and now showing as “Sponsored,” to connect users with relevant information and help businesses gain online visibility. These ads will be clearly labelled to distinguish them from organic search results, ensuring transparency. It is worth noting that the placement of ads will remain the same, typically at the top of the search results, which means businesses relying on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising need not worry about significant impacts on their PPC strategies.

What Next?

Google’s enhanced search experience represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of Search. y leveraging the collective wisdom of experts, authentic experiences, and a wealth of data, Google aims to provide users with comprehensive and personalised search results. As this new chapter unfolds, users can anticipate further.